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It's legit and safe for buyers, but sucks for sellers big-time! Great features, but UNRELIABLE and support is TERRIBLE! They used to be GREAT 7-8 years ago, but the last three years it's all downhill! I actually know their founders, and came to FastSpring following those guys from RegNow. Unfortunately, recently VC took over and took it into a dumb moneymaking machine FOR THEM! They no longer care for vendors! They used to help people set up stores and adjust styles, but now they're slow on fixing even major issues. like... well, read on... They tend to automatically remove products from the system without informing vendors! When this happened to me, I complained, and they told me that I disabled the product myself (even though the product was shown as active in ma dashboard, and I found out about this from a user who tried to order!). After investigation they eventually told me that the product was removed due to the inactivity! It took them around two weeks to reactivate the product link. I told them it would be nice to sent notifications to vendors before things like this happen. I mean, if they can automatically block the product for "inactivity", they should be able to, also automatically, warn vendors that something is wrong (as it was on my site). I got a reply that they "can't micromanage"!!!! Case closed! I exchanged few more emails with the guy (S.M., FastSpring Risk Manager), but he was utterly uninterested in my problem. I'm moving back to DigitalRiver (they took over RegNow where I made most of my money in the past).

Shrini Kulkarni
Founder, TextMover Labs
1 review
This is a great product to create custom quotes that can be modified on the fly by the customers in one view. Your sales team no longer has to anxiously wait for customer feedback to modify quotes or clarify the customer needs as they can be baked into the interactive quote using IQ. Highly recommend for SaaS plans that have variable components and great tool for cost conscious customers to model their purchase options without hassle.

Reuben Hall
CEO @MindSea
1 review
It's an excellent sales enablement tool to speed up going from quote to close.

Alex Ferrari
Director of Client Experience at Mindsea
1 review
I use this service daily and all clients have reported an extremely positive experience! Makes selecting a service a breeze!

Corey Haines
Founder of Swipe Files & SwipeWell
23 reviews

Sudipto Manna
Payments Product Manager
1 review

shawn roos
Product at
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