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The quickest way to get more qualified leads


Intercom has always been great for marketing and support teams. Today, we released 15 brand new features that make Intercom great for sales teams too. It’s the natural next step towards our mission of making internet business personal. Now your sales, marketing and support teams can communicate with your customers in one place.

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  • Pulkit Agrawal
    Pulkit AgrawalCEO @trychameleon for user onboarding

    (1) Can collect great user data without a form (e.g. email for subscriptions) (2) Can set qualification criteria to assign leads


    (1) Not enough control on the way the bot asks questions (2) Can't see funnel or pipeline of leads (and stages) (3) Only SFDC integration

    Always happy when our partners do great stuff 👏🏽 and I'm really excited about the enhancements as a customer too. Think the improvements will be great for marketers, PMMs, demand gen folks and prospectors to drive MQLs.

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