Lead Calculator


Calculate the number of leads required to reach the sales


@sktgthill · Co-founder/CTO
Every marketing and sales team wants to know how much leads they need to generate for the month to reach the revenue target. Hope, this simple tool will help every marketer, sales guys, and entrepreneurs to know their sales target of the month. Let's close more deals :)
Ivan Verkalets
@verkalets · CTO at COAX Software
Viral marketing feature 😛 But it looks cheap. If you will add few more parameters, it will looks better. Anyway, good job!
Debasis Panda
@debasispanda · Founder Mycustomerlead.com
Amazing tool.Indeed every sales guy and marketer wants to know how many leads require to achieve their target.You should add some other criteria as well.
Ali Mahdi
Oh it's made by Maax Market... They've been spamming me for months now even though I don't require their product.