JQL by Mixpanel

A powerful new query language to analyze your data

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Alex CookFounder of NanaGram
Excited for JQL. Speed is one of the most important factors to getting the most from metrics tools. Sometimes figuring out if an experiment went well takes going deep and asking lots of questions in rapid order. Each time you get hung up is an opportunity to lose your focus on the thing you're trying to investigate. The Mixpanel interface is pretty expansive and can answer a mind blowing amount of questions about your business. Sometimes I find myself needing more and wishing I could treat Mixpanel like a database. Mixpanel does have an export API (https://mixpanel.com/docs/api-do...) which gives back data in csv form. You could dump the results into a database and query from there, but JQL looks like a much better answer.
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Dimo Trifonov
Founder of @feeld
We'll have to send our marketing team on a quick JavaScript tutorials :D
Gorkem Cetin
Product guy. Passionate maker & helper
What is the difference between this and what others have been doing for some time like Upsight etc?