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What is PostHog?
Open-source product analytics, session recording, feature flagging and A/B testing that you can self-host. Everything engineers need to build better products.
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Analytics is the backbone for continuous improvement of our Product, not possible without PostHog.
It's crazy how PostHog helps understanding your users and how they interact with your product. And it's Open Source! Thanks PostHog ;)
Great observability platform with a very generous free plan. Session reply to see user's behavior in your website is a great way to do user research.
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PostHog for Startups
PostHog for Startups is THE most generous program for startups who need Analytics, Session Replay, A/B testing or Feature Flags. Get $50,000 in credits AND private office hours with PostHog's exec team every month AND merch AND more...
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PostHog is a product analytics platform for teams that want to keep their data private.
👨‍💻 Host in the cloud or your own infrastructure
🛠️ Analyze funnels, paths, trends
🧪 Run A/B tests and correlation analysis
🎥 Record user sessions
🗄️ Sync with BigQuery,S3
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