Intercom on Starting Up

A book about growing a startup

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John Collins
@jaycee001 · Managing Editor, Intercom
Delighted to be sharing this at last as we've been working on it at Intercom for several months. We've taken some of our best writing on starting up from our blog, added in our latest thinking and sprinkled it with some stories from the early days of the company. It's divided into 9 questions that we believe every startup is going to have to answer as it gro… See more
Jason Crabtree
I love the distribution method. Either pay $10 (very reasonable), pay $5 to a great cause, or share with a friend (building distribution into the model - and giving intercom two email addresses for zero marginal cost). (I went for the great cause ::smile::)
@benarent · Product, Airbrake / Rackspace
I was lucky enough to get my hands on an early copy. The hardback copy is beautiful, and the print quality is amazing, but maybe I've a soft spot for neon inks.The production value is way better than any other $10 'business' book, pick it up you won't be disappointed.
Jack Smith
@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
will this be available on amazon?
Piotr Kulpiński
@piotrkulpinski · Full Stack Developer, maker of Chipmunk
Tried to pre-order the book but I can't put my phone number in the form, it's always marked as invalid while it's a valid number in Poland. Can you advise what's the valid format for phone numbers?