Intercom on Marketing

The marketing book for startups


Intercom on Marketing is packed with ideas, suggestions and lessons from across the entire spectrum of marketing, from messaging to monetization, that we learned over the last 6 years, as we grew from 0 to over 20,000 customers.

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Alex Potrivaev
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  • Ahaan
    AhaanThe Man with Contacts

    Well written book! Worth a read!



    It's a great book by a great company!

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  • Pros: 

    Innovative, useful, inspiring



    It's a great book and Intercom inspires me a lot as a growing innovative company

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  • Pros: 

    A beautifully written book that I’ve already read twice today. Keep picking up new ways to deal with the stresses of a start up.


    That they don’t have 20 more of these type of booklets to make the well traveled road easier to walk almost alone.

    Read It. It’s the best advice one can give.

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