Figma Organization

Shared Fonts, unlimited teams, enhanced security, and more.

Figma Organization helps connect files, projects, libraries, and teams securely across your company.

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Brad GulickLead Product Designer, Suzy
We moved over to Figma in February of 2018, right on the cusp of a complete redesign and rebuild of our two platforms (SaaS consumer intelligence). We would not have been able to hit our deadlines and bring a new dev and design team together without Figma. Looking forward to extending our team's strength and speed with Organization's enhancements.

We use Figma to interact with design / marketing / front end


useful as we use Figma and are always struggling with who can approve vs. not and who has access


I think more export options (not related to this feature)

Badrul Farooqi
Product Manager at Figma
Hey @mike_tannenbaum — thanks for the feedback. Would love to hear about the export options you're looking for.
Mathew AdeniyiFounder and CTO MEV Suite
Preety Cool, we are starting to use a design tool that can let every team sync on Font especially.
Harrison WheelerLead, User Experience Design @ LinkedIn
Huge release is in the scope of enterprise-sized design organizations. Great work Figma team!