Drift For Sales Reps

Your personal sales assistant that can book meetings 24/7.


It's THE toolkit for sales reps who want to close deals faster while still creating an amazing experience for their customers. And it's free to get started. It includes: a free profile with real-time messaging, the best scheduling assistant you'll ever have and the smartest sales emails you'll ever send. Everything you need to close deals faster.

Would you recommend this product?
Co-founder, Impulse Creative

Drift for sales has been an integral part of our sales process, allowing us to not only schedule more meetings, but also to allow us to continue the conversation rather than starting it all over again


It removes ALL of the barriers of getting a meeting scheduled.


Would love to set availability settings in individual meeting types


As a business leader who also does most of the selling, it’s critical to maximize my time while minimizing switching costs. I used to use (and pay for) 4 different tools to handle scheduling different meeting types, click/open tracking, sales sequences, and chatting with folks in real time.

Now I just use Drift in GSuite.

I’ve been usIng a beta of these updates for a couple of weeks now and I can say that it makes a real difference to have it all streamlined and connected.

Bonus: The Customers love the simplicity in scheduling too!

If you ever meet or interact with human beings as a part of your job, you owe it to them to use Drift.


Getting from “send me some times” to a booked meeting has never been faster with this update to Drift’s suite of tools for sales.


No shared meeting times for cross-referencing multiple team members calendars, yet!

Founder, Emailancer

This product helps you close the loop when it comes to sending sales driven email, scheduling a meeting and starting a conversation.


Removes the laborious game of scheduling ping-pong. Your customer doesn't have to jump through hoops to reschedule.


No ability to schedule a meeting request email to send at a specific time, no way to invite multiple people to a meeting.