We’re opening our doors and rolling out new tools for developers to build amazing apps and integrations for our customers. These will be the solutions that power the next wave of marketing and sales.

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Okay, this is big (and another smart move by the team at Drift). Drift is now an open platform. In a world where there are so many sales and marketing tools, opening up Drift in this way makes a ton of sense. There are thousands of sales and marketing teams out there that can now connect Drift with whatever tech stack they want. I'm really looking forward to watching what people do with Drift's platform and seeing the eco-system thrive! What will you build with Drift?
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Today I'm excited to finally unveil the world's first real-time business to business conversational developer platform. Instead of building on top of events, metadata about something that happened in the past, now you can build on top of actual conversations that are happening in real-time. Thank you to our customers and partners for pushing us to build this.
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@dcancel I upvoted, just because you guys are cool. Will check the product out later ;)
@dcancel Just started building a slash command to send canned SQL queries to your database from Drift, e.g. 1. A customer starts a conversation in Drift and provides their email 2. You type "/seekwell info" which kicks off a canned query that you've named "info" on SeekWell 3. SeekWell returns the results of the query to Drift (not visible to customer) Another example might be querying your database to get the last few months of payment info for that customer or their lifetime value (e.g. SELECT sum(revenue) FROM financials WHERE user_id = 2423). The person using Drift doesn't even need to know SQL, anyone on your team can use it! Drop me a note if you're interested in the beta, mike at seekwell.io
Working with the team at Drift has been a great experience. We can wait to launch our Drift integration and help our customers get product insights from their sales conversations. The API is super easy to use. Check it out!
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@sofiaqt awesome. thanks for the support Sofia! Excited to see what you can do.
I wonder, theoretically, would it be possible to collect payments using Drift chat? I would like to sell consultancy and premium analysis just using Drift Chat and my server, which generates information. If I could somehow charge costumers without ever leaving the chat, that would be awesome.
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@johnyqi now you're thinking 😏
@johnyqi Hey Johny! Let's chat. Alexa at drift.com or you can always just chat into our widget on drift.com and someone will come grab me :)
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@johnyqi @anguyenrex That customer on-boarding flow would be incredible.
This is awesome! I’m super excited another amazing leading company in tech and marketing has hoped on board the developer friendly train! So many amazing things to build and play with!
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@mirshko 🙏🏽 Thanks Jeff. Love that you're excited. Let us know if you have any questions.