Drift Help is a simple and FREE help center that automates your support with chatbots that read your help documentation and provide real-time answers to your customer's questions on chat.

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They say the best sales reps are helpful and personal. Drift has been working on helping sales reps become more personal for a while. Now, they're helping sales team become more helpful by automating their support. The Drift team is announcing today the Drift Help Center - a simple and powerful way to automate your support by making beautiful documentation that's easy to create. Best of all, Drift's bot automatically crawls it so you can provide real-time answers to questions over chat. Oh... and it's completely FREE.
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@hnshah @dcancel Is this free for customers that already pay for Drift or free for anyone?
@mike_seekwell both! It's included in our free account, bot and all. Plus existing customers can use it too. No increase in price.
@craigdaniel Awesome, nice work! This looks great. fwiw, I started as a Drift customer because you had a free tier, but left because this feature was missing. I would have stayed if it was there and since I no longer qualify for your free tier, you should see a good bump in conversion rates.
@mike_seekwell That's what we like to hear! Why do you no longer qualify for the free tier?
@craigdaniel We're over the seat and contact limit now. I'm not complaining though, I think your free tier is totally fair.
When the bot suggests the right answer for a question typed into chat (and it shows an article I made), it feels like magic. The interface is so simple, if you have ever made a Medium post, you’ll feel right at home. Its more important than ever these days to get your customer (current and future) to where they want to go faster. We’re moving a whole bunch of website content to Drift Help Center to take advantage of this.
@handythinks shout out Chris Handy

Definitely recommend this product to try out on your companies website. From conversational marketing, to conversational selling, to conversational helping.


Completely free, and the bot routes visitors to the right help article


Doesn't have video yet

Beyond excited about this... Thank you, @Drift team!
@drift @hellojusto appreciate the love, Justo!
@drift @d_j_murphy @davegerhardt, Your product is crazy. Congratulations. Couple of thoughts if you are doing B2B sales : a) Target SAAS companies who have recently raised funds. They will be willing to spend money on a tool which can help them build their pipeline. b) Target companies who are hiring for "customer success" because if a company is spending money on this vertical, they will be willing to invest in a tool like yours. c) Target SAAS companies who are hiring for "email marketing:. Will be a right fit for you. d) Target SAAS companies who are hiring for "sales".
Awesome! Nice work guys :)