Drift Email

The future of how sales reps communicate with prospects


Drift Email is the future of how sales reps will communicate with their prospects. When a prospect visits your site from an email sent with Drift’s Chrome Extension, you’re there to greet them with a personalized message. That means your prospect can instantly start a conversation with you. Even if you aren’t at your desk.

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Product Marketing - Taplytics

Drift has brought me closer to my prospects, we’ve changed our outbound cadences to start with an email sent using the extension because the personal touch is so meaningful. With Drift, we send fewer emails and get better results.


- LIVE email to web tracking

- Chat with my clients when they are on the website

- Fast and responsive product team


- Some slight aesthetics that can help me replace my other email tracking tools (ie: email views inside gmail)

Platform Strategy @ Dell; ARISE Impact
Has it resulted in quicker sales conversions or.. more leads addressing? Could quantify your results?
Professional Interneter

Drift has been huge for us in finding and connecting with qualified prospects through playbooks. Now, not only do we have a scalable way to do prospecting that is focused on them, but we also have a way to make existing customers and prospects feel valued.


- Seamless transfer between email and live chat.

- Was able to delete separate email tracking tool

- Customizable and trackable


Too many new Drift features to try out and implement. ;)

Happy Entrepreneur w a few PH products 🙌

Personalize the customer journey and real-time conversations. Tracking and scheduling all in. Well done!


Humanized conversation is King! Smooth transition from email to LiveChat. Great job Drift team :)