Codeless Mobile Analytics

Track engagement in your mobile app without writing code

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Hey everyone! We think tracking actions instead of downloads or installs is a better way to do analytics. Codeless mobile analytics makes tracking the actions people take in your app much easier since you don't have to add multiple lines of code to every little button or swipe. Instead, you just use our visual editor in the browser to point and click what things you want to measure. And the best part is that you don't have to re-deploy to the appstore to see the analytics.
This is incredible. Thank you!
So do I trust a company that doesn't have a mobile-friendly website when I view it in Safari on my iPhone?
@fbara Yes but priorities and man-power :( We expend all our energy towards making the SDKs amazing.
@suhail I give you points for responding, many companies wouldn't even do that.
@fbara If you click that button, the animations all work just as they would on the desktop site and nothing bleeds over. But as Suhail pointed out, full mobile optimization would have taken double the engineering and design time, which is a lot to spend on a splash page.
@malectro I'm not convinced about that. I've set websites that include free mobile optimization. Sites on PH, including can do free launch pages and they include free mobile optimization.
@fbara Interesting. I hadn't seen launchkit before, but it looks like it restricts you to 9 templates and wouldn't have allowed us to do the demo animations. I suppose there's a tradeoff between speed and customization.
This is huge.
Added to my Analytics collection: