Answer Bot by Intercom

Instant resolutions, happier customers


On average, Answer Bot instantly resolves 29% of your customers’ most common questions and reduces your customer response time by 44%. Your sales and support teams will be more efficient, and your customers’ more satisfied.

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Founder @Reinventgrowth

Multiple possibilities from just one product! Intercom's next chapter could not be more exciting! I cannot wait to put into work and make wonders when it comes to my funnel optimization


When it comes to Bots we will now respond with a single word" Intercom"



Growth philosophy

Nobody here can say 100% that this tool is awesome or have X% of growth. Why? you have to pay to use it, there is no trial plan to make sure that Answer bot is a feature to have it in your Growth Kit.

Anyways, the idea is brilliant and if you're reading this you have to upvote!


A must have feature for any Bot


The price is insane

CEO at

I am already paying for three separate products inside Intercom. Every time you add a new feature you are asking me to pay more money.


Looks great


Another price tag on already stupidly expensive Intercom?