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March 1st, 2021

Deepfake Grandma
Deepfakes are no longer just for Gen Z and millennials perfecting their Tom Cruise impressions. They’re for your great-nana, too!

Your family’s old black and white photos are the latest to undergo deepfake transformation thanks to a partnership by MyHeritage, a family ancestry service, and D-ID, a company specializing in video reenactment with deep learning. Deep Nostalgia™ uses several drivers that consist of a fixed sequence of movements and gestures. When you upload your photo (for free), it applies those drivers to a face (one per photo) in your still to create a short video that you can share with your friends and family. In the words of MyHeritage, you can “experience your family history like never before.” You got that right.

As always, deepfake tech isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The word “creepy” got its fair share of use from a handful of PH commenters. But for other audiences, Deep Nostalgia hit that sweet spot, which we expect is exactly what MyHeritage and D-ID were looking for:

“Great feature! It also helps to "connect" with late relatives, that we never had the chance to meet. Great thumb up!” – Anna Costalonga

“AWESOME - was able to reanimate my dead mom and grandma :)” – Bibi Lauri Raven

“Wow, talk about hitting an emotional chord with this one. Off to search for some photos now!” – Harry Duran

If you’re thinking “It’s just like Hogwarts!” there are plenty of those comments too, and if you really want to go full in on this fantasy (“You’re a wizard, Harry!”), consider pairing your new animated bw photo with a Meural Canvas. 👻

Once you’ve brought your ancestors into 2021 with Deep Nostalgia you can have more fun with deepfakes with these (use responsibly):

Impressions – An app that lets you create your own celebrity deepfakes in minutes.

Parodist – Send your loved ones a funny and unique video congratulations.

Deepfakes web – Deepfakes as a service.

And for those of you anti deepfake warriors (the world needs you):

Sensity – A deepfake detection platform.

Amber Video – Video authentication to combat deepfakes.
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Today, we’re highlighting Maker Grant recipient Kyleigh Smith of Hey It’s Harold. Her story serves up great inspo for finding community and keeping your drive — especially if you, too, are a no-code maker.

"You gave out grants?" you ask. Where have you been?! Yes, yesterday, we announced our first Makers Grants (i.e. three PH makers were told they’re getting $5,000 cash to continue working on their projects 💣).
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