Amber Video

Video authentication to combat deepfakes

Amber combats malicious AI which will "Photoshop" video and alter evidence. Amber solves this by hashing at record, writing fingerprints to blockchain smart contracts, and tracking provenance through to distribution.

Amber unequivocally proves a video's authenticity -- critical in a polemical world of disinformation and propaganda.

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Shamir Allibhai
Video + AI PM. @SimonSays_AI @AmberVid
Hi everyone A few years ago we grew concerned about 'fake news' and its polarizing effect on society. Fake video, unaddressed, will be worse. Imagine fake porn videos created to terrorize women; Presidents supposedly declaring war on a neighboring country; and hearing yourself on an altered recording, making bigoted comments, that was sent to your boss in an attempt to destroy your livelihood. Also imagine actual bigots being able to deny the veracity of a recording because fakes have cast genuine doubt on all recordings. Amber is a stab at the solution to trust video again by cryptographically hashing recordings at source and then tracking its chain of custody through to distribution. Hashes our stored using the Ethereum blockchain as a form of a trustworthy database where any party can independently and transparently verify authenticity of a file they have received. Amber is for multi-stakeholder situations where video recordings could become evidence such as: -protests -accidents -engagements with law enforcement Let us know any feedback and thanks for checking us out.
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I don’t understand how you will solve the deep fake problem. The people who want to watch them obviously know they’re fake. Moreover, if certain websites implement your technology to prevent deep fakes from being hosted, deep fakes will just be hosted elsewhere.