Product Hunt Weekly Digest
February 14th, 2021

10 tools for Clubhouse
We're seeing a wave of products emerge as makers build tools and products to elevate their Clubhouse experience, including these 10 recent launches:

ClubLink offers a free link shortener that creates social sharing images for Clubhouse events.

Clubhype is similar to ClubLink, creating short links with social image previews for events.

Host Notes for Clubhouse allows you to find upcoming Clubhouse events, RSVP, view the meeting agenda, review past events, see referenced articles, and get summaries.

Shorten.Club lets you keep all of your links and notes in one place to easily share them with your Clubhouse community.

Chpic lets you create a colorful ring for your profile picture on Clubhouse.

Comet Events for Clubhouse offers similar functionality to Host Notes. Create an event landing page and calendar for your Clubhouse community to RSVP and share notes.

Clubhouse Bio Editor lets you edit your Clubhouse bio comfortably from your browser.

YoYo helps moderators take their audience from 1 room to the next with scheduling features.

AskClubhouse allows your Clubhouse audience to ask written questions for those who don't want to get up on stage.

Rooms of Clubhouse lets you search all open rooms on Clubhouse.

As the Clubhouse community continues to grow, it will be interesting to see if the functionality from any of these independent tools gets added natively into the product.

We'll be watching along with curiosity. 👀
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