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February 8th, 2021

Feeling good
To help keep healthy minds and bodies as we start the second month of the year, we've taken a look at some wellbeing focused products, launched over the last 6 months.

🏋️‍♂️ Overfit provides a one on one trainer for accountability, paired with AI for personalized and unlimited data-driven workouts.

📝 JOI 2.0 is a pocket self-care assistant that helps you stay positive and avoid negativity through keeping a mood journal in a simple and funny way.

🚣🏾 Aviron Rower, the rowing machine meets Peloton.

🏃WorkoutMe pairs you with a partner to get through simple exercises to make those daily goals achievable.

🤳Plicly wants to help correct your posture to help decrease back and neck pain with real-time coaching. Less slouching whilst doom scrolling Twitter.

😴 Pzizz 5.0 helps to quiet your mind, fall asleep, stay asleep, by using a mix of music, voiceover and sound effects designed with the latest clinical research.

🌈 Trip wants to take users on a self-guided journey when responsibly using psychedelics. Blending modern neuroscience with psychology.

🧘Stretch Club can help you move your muscles, either as a mid-afternoon energizer or post-work cool down. Select from a curated list of routines and follow along with custom illustrations.

This is of course just a snapshot. To view more products in this space, view the health and wellness topic.
More wellness products
Makers Jimmy Chion and Ian Macartney want to help get more folks vaccinated in the US by helping vaccination centres with extra and unused doses, reach people nearby who can mobilize quickly.

"Vaccination locations sometimes have unused, extra doses of COVID vaccine they must either use or throw out. We give providers like pharmacies or clinics with leftover doses a way to reach nearby people looking to get vaccinated on a moment's notice."

If you live in the US and want to join their list, you can sign up here.

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