Product Hunt Daily Digest
May 13th, 2018

Verizon quietly launched a startup 📱
Nobody loves their phone company. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile - each have been the target of thousands of angry Twitter rants.

Everybody wishes there was a better option, but rolling out your own telecommunications network across the entire country is expensive.

Visible just launched this weekend, with a surprising owner: Verizon.

The new "startup" sells all-in-one phone, messaging, and data plans on Verizon's network for $40/mo flat, no extra fees. You can even pay directly inside their new, well-branded app.

Two caveats: the data is limited to
5Mbps, and it's invite-only. Lucky for  you, we have a special invite code just for the Product Hunt community.

This isn't the only product that saves you money on your phone bill:

🕵️‍♂️ Binge all the Netflix, YouTube, and internet #content you want: this app tracks every part of your monthly data usage.

🦈 Billshark fights with your mobile providers on your behalf. 2 minutes could save you 25% or more on your phone bill. Sorry, Geico.

📱 The Lightning Phone is designed to be used as little as possible, so you don't even have a phone bill to pay in the first place. 

Or... if you're ready to cut the cord completely, here's an app that lets you stream Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and Amazon all in one place.
Try Visible

A 15-year-old teenage developer built a tool to generate random routes for your runs, because running the same track over... and over... and over again... isn't fun.

"I would spend too much time scrolling around Google Maps for a nice route to go on, instead of actually running."

Check out RouteShuffle now. 🏃‍♂️