Visible is a phone service in an app. $40/mo all-in for unlimited data, messages and minutes all on Verizon's 4G LTE network.

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Up to 5Mbps
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@cndaihan One day companies will realize how much happier potential customers are when details like this are presented front and center, not hidden in the fine print.
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@cndaihan Is this good or bad? I have no frame of reference.
@cndaihan @connorvo on TMobile in SF - just did a speed test and it was 2.5Mbps on LTE
@cndaihan @connorvo @tommoor I just got 10 Mbps on T-Mobile LTE with ONE bar. Proof: Tl;DR: 5 mbps is trash.
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@cndaihan @connorvo @jonathanlaniado Not in San Francisco I guess? T-Mobile is particularly terrible here.
I don't care how cheap Verizon is, I will never support them due to their lobbying for the repeal of net neutrality.
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That's interesting how France is way more advanced on this since we have offers from 1€ to 20€/month (+ usage in Europe and calls to Europe and some countries like the USA) for unlimited everything 🤔 However, I am curious why other countries won't follow France on it (maybe they can't because something is too expensive?)
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@akdm_ France is a TINY country with insanely high population density. The cost of infrastructure is nothing, therefore you can have low cost plans like this. Now look at Canada, where infrastructure is super hard to maintain because of cold and terrain, plus the fact that we need 1000 times more towers to cover our country, and our population density if laughably low, and an unlimited calls/text with 10G of data is about $120 dollars a month. Literally no one offers unlimited data here.
@akdm_ If Americans WILL pay for it, then there is no reason to lower prices.
@maxime_doucet_benoit You're totally correct! @arecenello Sure, but in France, Orange; SFR and Bouygues (the three carriers) were doing prices between 30-80€/month for like 1-2h of calls; unlimited texts and 1-2Gb of data. In 2012 Free became the fourth carrier and broke the prices in ~3 (today they offer unlimited everything for 19€/m or 15€/m when you subscribe to they triple play Internet box too). All three other carriers now have similar offers between 5 and 25€/m. I hope there will be a Xavier Niel for you, Americans!
@akdm_ I know of two main reasons, both surround infrastructure. In the USA there is a huge amount of land to cover meaning more towers, more maintenance, more hardware expense. But that’s not entirely the main reason. The second is the marketplace allows for to charge a much higher price for the same service you may get in France. For deutsche telekom (T-mobile in the USA) this means they can charge high margins in the USA and supplement other markets with the cash. Many international carriers and markets benefit from Americans paying $100 a month for cell service.
@akdm_ You should know about Jio in India where a GB costs less than a candy. India is way ahead of you folks
Is there a global alternative? Because there needs to be
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Global please!
@bentossell In Canada, Shaw-owned Freedom Mobile offers 10GB of 4G and unlimited global text for $50/month. Also, a certain amount of that data can be used in the US.
@bentossell Global alternatives are usually not from the telecos themselves, instead from the MVNOs selling data/ voice packs.
@bentossell Google Fi for Global.
@amnashamimnyc cant use google fi with an iphone though can you? :(
Lmao 5Mbps?! Go f*** yourself Verizon.
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