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One Interface for Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon and 90+ Others

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Hey Product Hunt! Thanks for posting us Ben! David here, founder of Reelgood. Reelgood was born out of the frustration we had every night when we came home to unwind. Where was that show streaming? What episode am I on? Is there something on another source I'm missing out on? Where can I watch that movie? Too often we found ourselves giving up and settling for what was recommended on Netflix, leaving our AmazonPrime, HBO and Hulu subscriptions unused. So we built Reelgood to be the one interface for all of our streaming sources. Hulu, HBO, Netflix, AmazonPrime, FX, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, and over 90 others are all there. We believe people shouldn't be forced to waste time every night flipping between streaming apps to see if there are new episodes of the shows they watch or what content they have access to. It should all be in one place and there shouldn't be any barriers between them and the perfect show or movie. Just open Reelgood and what you should watch next is sitting front and center. We hope you like what we've built and are excited to hear everyone's feedback!
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@davidsanderson1 Loving the website! Any word on when the iOS app will be caught up to it?
@davidsanderson1 @imakestrides Hey Kyle! The new iOS app should be ready to go in early August!
@davidsanderson1 @elife_is Awesome, really looking forward to it!
@davidsanderson1 Where do you guys get the content from and how are you able to refer to the episode? Do you have direct deals with the providers or... ?
@davidsanderson1 Love the website! Suggestion: You should sync with TV Show Time and get all my previously tracked shows. I don't want to manually tell you how many shows and episodes I have watched.
Would be great if you had UK sources/preferences and an Android app :-)
@wattsjonc Hey John! We're currently collecting streaming data for new regions and should be rolling out end of this summer. First up: Canada & the UK!
@wattsjonc If you are on Android, the site is a PWA so just add it to your home screen
@wattsjonc @ekana_stone Doesn't work too well on Fire TV. Opens links on websites instead of within apps. If it opened them within apps would be a good workaround since there's mo official app for it.
I love the new site. Finally a time saving and elegant way to find the movies and shows I want to watch. I already pay for the services at Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO. Until now, I have had to browse each interface to find my movie. Thanks for your welcoming interface. Nice job!
This is a great idea and I'll totally use it! I go on Netflix and forget that I have access to hulu and vice versa πŸ™„πŸ™„
Awesome product!!! πŸ‘