Reduce your wireless and cable TV bills by 25% in 2 minutes

#4 Product of the DayApril 19, 2016

Billshark is an automated service that fights with companies on your behalf for a better deal on everything.

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Here is a simple tool for everyone who wants to save time and money on their wireless and cable TV bills. Just snap a photo of your bill, send it in, and relax while “Sharks” take a bite out of your monthly payments and save you money.
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@hnshah Thanks Hiten, you always share great hunts. I just uploaded my Dish and Time Warner bills so we'll see what happens!
@aric_boyles thanks Aric! We'll work out hardest to save you the most money possible!!
@aric_boyles looks like we finished your negotiation and saved you a few clams. We hope you had a great experience!
@hnshah I'd love to hear you results
@hnshah @steve_mckean @hoody11100 @thisischrisbell Here's a screenshot from my BillShark dashboard taken a few minutes ago: I spent only about 15 minutes total creating an account, uploading 3 bills (pdfs) and talking on the phone to Jennifer from BillShark to answer a couple questions. In total I saved over $1,100 on Verizon, DISH and Time Warner (not including BillShark fees). Totally worth the time spent. Keep in mind the honor system is in full play here, you're giving them access to your accounts, but you might be surprised at how little personal info they actually need to make these changes.
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Such a unique idea. Please come to Canada!
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@andrew_palmer We'll get there.... ;-)
@hoody11100 damn, I got as far as SSN in the sign up and then I realized I was Canadian. :(
Oh my god! This is brilliant. Every two years I have to get on the phone with my bloodsucking cable company to renegotiate my "package deal" to prevent a $30/mo price hike for the same exact offering because of some promotional expiration. It is the bane of my existence, and I've previously upgraded to business class services just for the longer contract terms to prevent myself from going through this so often. I am signing up right now to try this out. Had this been around a few years ago, you would have saved me considerable hair loss!
@jimmylipham thanks! We also track existing promotion expiration dates as well as any expirations to savings we achieve so we can continue to negotiate on your behalf. This allows you to keep the bill/rate as low as possible over the life of your relationship with your provider!
I love this idea and I call to reduce my bills all the time. But I am worried about how it is done: 1. Do the sharks pretend to be the individual? I know some companies require the person on the bill to make any changes to the account. 2. Are there any partnerships with these companies to make better deals? 3. How do sharks get the "best" deals if they don't threaten to switch or cancel?
@matthewtwhuang to answer your questions: 1. Depends on the provider. Some require it, some do not. In cases of the former, we work with you to along with the provider to achieve authentication. 2. Not yet. 3. Who said we don't 'threaten'? 😉 serious though, we work with the right departments at the provider (most customers just dial the number on their bill), and know what to ask for and how to ask for it. There are lots of "incentives" that aren't offered unless you're persistent or know how to ask for them specifically.
Great to see Billshark on PH! It really is awesome. Saved ~$3,500 by uploading att wireless and DIRECTV bills. Super simple.
@jsbullseyestrat That's awesome. I just uploaded Comcast and Verizon, so let's see where we get to.
@jsbullseyestrat glad you had a great experience!!
@justinpirie we'll work our hardest for you!
@jsbullseyestrat Good: they renegotiated my Comcast bill- my bill was reduced by $13/mo and the speed went up. Bad: you have to pay their cut up front via invoice.