World’s most advanced phone data tracking app is here

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smartapp saves money by keeping you in control of your data usage. It also helps you keep a daily track of your 3G & Wifi usage and keeps you alerted with its unique forecasting feature. This App works with Prepaid & Postpaid plans across all global carriers.
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I was part of the beta program and would use the app everyday. First I thought I would use it to track my 4G connection, in reality the information I gleaned from the WiFi connection was eye opening. I would have never looked at WiFi if it wasn't for this app.
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@mrjain_ Wifi usage is an eye opener for all. We don't realize how much data we eat today. Coming soon a mac app to also sync your Laptop wifi data
Even more useful when you are on roaming and the data is at premium!
@kanchankumar Roaming data alone is the biggest reason for post-holiday heart burn. I am sure we are going to serve international travelers well here and save some money for them
@deepakabbot @kanchankumar Thank God from next year in EU all roaming Data will be gone. I can't install it on my Xperia Z3 (Android 5.1 Stock Sony Firmware). "This app is incompatible with all of your devices."
@obaidr Hi Obaid - our Android app sadly only works in India :( - will have a global version soon @kanchankumar
@obaidr so only for you, we have made Android app available globally. You can still use 80% of the App. Ignore some India specific offers. You can track 3G/Wifi usage - just enter the number 9810012345 to enter @kanchankumar
Been using the app for a while. It's clean, slick and does what it says very well. I realized I had been overpaying for my data plan by buying more data I use. Love the daily data usage display functionality. Definitely an app you must have on your phone. Another note : even though it uses location etc it has not shown up among the top battery consuming apps. I would say that is very impressive for an app that tracks so much info for you. This is by far, my fav personal analytics app 😃
@ku1deep : thanks for using smartapp :) . Battery consumption was on our watchlist throughout the development process.
Would love to hear how/why it is the 'most advanced tracking app'
@bentossell Hi Ben - We are confident that our data tracking is highly accurate, it uses far lesser battery than any other similar app despite using your location "always", plus full privacy as everything is on client side (no login, no data tracking at our end), wehave put in lot of effort on Forecasting algo to make it really useful. I would love to see you using this App and verifying the facts :)