A global cryptocurrency by Facebook

#2 Product of the MonthJune 2019
Libra is one of the most anticipated product in blockchain space as it marks Facebook's entry in cryptocurrency. Libra already have major partners in industry and this project will make cryptocurrency accessible for billions of people in the world.
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NO!!! NO!!! NOOOO!!! Facebook has NO RIGHT to make a currency.... This is a BAD IDEA and a CLASSIC SHAM by MODERN DAY "WALL STREET" aka BIG TECH. I am NOT a fan or a supporter. In fact, I'm calling congress and asking them to BAN it. PROBLEMS... LET's REMEMBER: - Facebook takes "aka STEALS" data from users globally and historically made their terms complex and misleading - US democracy was interfered with via Facebook Ads from foreign bad actors to get Trump elected - The "Facebook Economy" is a horrible engine creating massive amounts of centralized power to Facebook, spinning up scammy businesses, and providing "fake" identity systems - Mark Zuckerberg is a rich billionaire and he has too much power. He exploited internet loopholes and psychology and should be paying more in taxes - Facebook needs to be shut down. I honestly don't like spending time on it. SOLUTIONS - Estonia e-Estonia ( - PROPER E-GOVERNANCE => - PROPER GOVERNMENT IDENTITY => - PROPER E-BUSINESS => - PROPER CYBERSECURITY => - PROPER GLOBAL INTEROP => A good government would have been looking at this back in 2017 => I FULLY REJECT THIS TECHNOLOGY.
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@cameronjroe I am sure it is no coincidence this is launched when the staunched critic of Facebook, the European Union, is the formation of a new leadership...
@cameronjroe I'm not sure how I feel about this. I don't trust facebook.. at all. Hopefully this help blockchain and other alternatives to become mainstream.
.@cameronjroe I think everyone will agree with this.
.@cameronjroe if what you say is true, then Facebook has around 30 evil accomplice companies that already populate almost everything you do online. :) Conspiracies apart, it’s not actually a new currency -- much less a crypto one -- since it’s backed by Fiat currency and regulated by financial speculation of the same money markets of now. It is a semi-crypto off-blockchain fintech at best. Stable, yes, but just concentrated on the hands of those very companies - and Facebook - that are already selling you shit. It’s more like one of those very many debt cards on the market; only very privately staked and with truly TRULY huge scalability. Moreover, it’s not REALLY a blockchain’ed crypto curren.. (!.. aargh!) as it’s not anonymous, not independent and won’t have nor allow for a shared ledger. This is just Zuckerberg trying to become the head of a Swiss world bank by selling his ZuckerBucks with the help of his friends. Like an international Venmo on super mutant juice. Thinking of how it should mature in the crypto mix, Libra will either be a driving force for the adoption of crypto currencies or its main and strongest antagonist. Either way, it's not going down nor away anytime soon. The only thing that is interesting to me right now - until we all fully fathom, scope and understand the entire potential spectrum of impact of something this influential (albeit not news nor revolutionary AT ALL) is 'micro-transactions'. Micro-transactions can open an enormous new market and it's dying for a solution that can adequately nurture its growth. I'll say it here: it's what's going to save journalism, amidst other new independent markets. In the end, it doesn’t really matter what people think at this point: if it passes regulation - and it will - people will use it. And that’s that.
.@cameronjroe I had some time today and read both the paper and the coding instructian for Move (the language used in the system). It's quite intriguing, although NOT a cryptocurrency:

Some developer looked into Facebook’s new coin Libra code and opened a pull request addressing a critical security vulnerability that is - centralization of authority and decision-making power. The PR suggests fixing the centralization issue by replacing the whole project code with Bitcoin’s code. The PR got over a hundred comments and likes before getting closed by Libra.




Since it is coming from Facebook, it can not be private and secure

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waste of space


nobody asked for this, they are not filling a need.


Everything about this feels icky I have no trust in FB

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Airwire is the real mass adoption of crypto. They're becoming an ecosystem in the crypto world, with their universal sending tech, easy airdrops and awesome features on the horizon.


Can help get up there as a mass adoption platform.


Not trustworthy. They srew up our privacy. Now our Money?No thanks.

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You just said it all'i even wonder if he ever will respond to it, the logo was stollen anyway in the same way as facebook
Libra "is governed by the independent Libra Association tasked with evolving the ecosystem" ( – Facebook's managed to pick large corporations to wield the power for this decentralised cryptocurrency. "Can't wait for a cryptocurrency with the ethics of Uber, the censorship resistance of Paypal, and the centralization of Visa, all tied together under the proven privacy of Facebook" — Sarah Jamie Lewis' Twitter thread on this is a great read.
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@iamsebj Wish I could upvote this more
@iamsebj I don't think they'll get away that easily.. The FTC is starting to catch on. - -
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