Product Hunt Daily Digest
December 14th, 2020

Don't get this for xmas

Instead of giving the gift of WOW this year, give the gift of WTF. There are tons of hilariously crafted products and services that will make your recipient scratch their head or murmur an awkward thanks.

Here’s a list of eye-brow worthy products for last-minute gifting:

Founder Prayers - set of 4 prayer candles of your favorite tech icons. Some say sacrilegious, others say a ray of hope for your launch.

Framed Tweets - frame a tweet that started a Twitter fire.

GIFwrap - high-quality, glossy, and flat wrapping paper full of memes.

Musk on Mars - instead of gifting a lottery ticket, reserve a day you think Elon Musk will land on Mars.

Goat 2 Meeting - Surprise the office by inviting a real goat (or llama) to your next video call.

Burrito Pop - described as “not quite a burrito thermos, or a burrito condom, or a burrito elevator, but all of the above at the same time.” - Gizmodo

WonderSpray - a portable butt shower to enhance your bathroom experience.

Meow - a novel written for cats by cats. Gift your furry pal a book of self discovery.

Tesla Tequila - we heard you can still get it on eBay for a cool $1K or place a bid for the empty bottle at $650.

If you’re looking for other funny gifts or just need a laugh, scroll through other WTF products. Or check out the gift guide we released on Friday.

Show me the funny

Data Lotto has one simple goal: give them your data, they sell it, and one person gets all the money. 

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