Product Hunt Daily Digest
March 25th, 2018

$7,500 in free hosting credits for makers ⛵
“We like to innovate on the infrastructure of innovation itself to help companies, and create more tech companies, because I think tech is a universal good for humanity.” — Naval Ravikant

Startups have the potential to make the world a better place, so we’d love to help you get started on your own startup.

We just partnered with our friends at Amazon to secure up to $7,500 in free AWS credits for makers, available to our annual Ship subscribers.

Product Hunt runs on AWS, and you can too. You'll also get access to the full suite of Ship tools, including:

🖥️ Landing pages – Create a lovely landing page in 60 seconds to capture interest and emails for your project.

🔖 Surveys – Gather feedback from your users and use their answers to deliver segmented email messages.

💌 Email messaging – Broadcast product updates, chat with your users 1-on-1, and send targeted emails based on survey responses.

Claim your $7,500 in free AWS credits today.
$7,500 in AWS Credits 👩‍💻
What is your favorite MacOS menu bar app? 🤔

Community members recommended over 100 different products, including essential menu bar apps like f.lux, iStat Menus, and Caffeine. Lesser known - but equally downloadable – favorites like RocketQuitter, and Escape also made the recommendations list.

Mac menu bar apps come in all shapes and colors. Some make you more productive, others are known for just the opposite.