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Pretty nice looking Mac app to track website usage! EDIT: However, everything I do on a day to day for my job, actually counts as a distraction haha! Would love to be able to edit it and put Product Hunt as a non-distraction for me 😬! EDIT #2: I keep getting "you should sign up for Focus Time to help with your distractions", its not overly invasive because of the interface in the app, but would happily pay a few $ to just not have it come up I hope @_vojto can jump in here today!
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@bentossell Hey guys, sorry about being late to the party – I was taking a break from the internet. Soo. I see that a big concern is that FocusList ad. Well, we built Escape really to be a marketing gimmick for FocusList. It appears about every 20 times you launch the app. We didn't think it all the way through, and really just wanted to see the reaction – but I'll be watching comments & reviews closely and updating how it works in the next version. Next, a big issue is that you can configure what is and what isn't distraction. I heard complains from users in Japan about this – as they have completely different set of distracting websites. Would anyone be interested in contributing if we just open-source this?
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@_vojto @bentossell Yes! It would be super awesome if you open-source Escape.
@_vojto @bentossell App is pretty cool and gives you linear view of things and where did you got distracted. Which is awesome. It has a nice UI as well. Thing is when I downloaded it I spent five minutes searching where can I customize settings to set up what actual distractions are. So if you open source it I bet community would help to make this feature live!
@_vojto that would make FocusList much popular too!
@_vojto @bentossell I will do as much as I can
I'm borderline scared to download this app. I'm worried it's a "if you don't want to know, don't ask" type of situation.
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@imns81 100% my reaction as well haha
@imns81 Kind of like avoiding going on WebMD when you're in pain because you'll inevitably discover you have some terrible disease.
@thedannychang @imns81 doesn't help that every diagnosis on Webmd for any symptom is an incurable cancer haha
RescueTime[] Does a really good job for me - it sends me a weekly report of how I spent time that week and has a good map of which apps/pages are productive and which are distracting.
@ohadisohad I'm running both this week to see if this offers anything different or interesting.
@baadier @ohadisohad We also deliver weekly reports with Stackup. Try them all out!
@ohadisohad I use RescueTime too! But the problem is it only adds app the time. Not enough. What kills you is going to Facebook for 4 seconds every 5 minutes. Yes, it adds up to 1 minute over a morning, but it's so much worse than browsing for one minute! I like to compare this to falling asleep: If you hear a SHORT alarm every 5 minutes, will you ever fall asleep? And if you keep listening to an annoying alarm for 5 minutes and they you get to go to sleep, isn't it easier?
@ohadisohad I love rescue time, but the weekly reports aren't enough. I need a daily report so that I can do better incremently.
Hey, TechCrunch isn't a distracting site!
Why does this ask for account details? Why does this try and connect to and - of which blocking seems to make the application no longer work? It is never mentioned that it sends data to the cloud or why - and no privacy policy is provided.