Slack-style emoji everywhere on your Mac πŸš€

Rocket bring Slack-like emojis to your Mac. πŸ™Œ πŸŽ‰ πŸš€

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Slack Style Emoji should come come standard on Mac
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@nivo0o0 to be fair, it does. Try Cmd + Ctrl + Space. 😲
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@totempaaltj @nivo0o0 Very cool shortcut. Thanks! 😁
@totempaaltj the one that comes with MacOS is not half as cool :)
Great app, just installed it. One small thing though, I use dark menu bar (OS X El Capitan) and the App's Icon seems to have the same color as my menu bar.
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@baidoct yeah same here. I actually thought there was a problem running the app because I cannot see it at all lol
@baidoct I've gotta fix this! Thanks for letting me know πŸ‘
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@_matthewpalmer you might also want to show they shortcut in the menu and the preferences.. I forgot how to trigger the app... And make it customisable pls, so that can never happen again.
Hey, this is *really* awesome, and something I've been trying to do for a while (for instance the Alfred Emoji Pack at which I've disabled for now to use this :)) One thing that bugs me about this is that typing something like :) or http:// triggers itβ€”basically anything that starts with a colon. You could get around this by waiting for the colon + at least two alphanumeric characters before triggering it. Also, the modal seems to appear in the center of the screen rather than next to where I'm typing. Otherwise πŸ‘ πŸŽ‰
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@notdetails Agree with this. It was fun initially until I got back to doing work and it popped up every time I typed the colon. Would it be possible to configure the trigger to something else like a double-colon ::?
@notdetails πŸ’―, cheers for the suggestionβ€”definitely going to add some customisation around the trigger key. Appearing in the center of the screen happens when something's doesn't use the native accessibility API, the biggest example is Chrome. Might have to dig into Chrome a bit more though since it's so common
How does this compare to Macmoji?
@bentossell This looks to have autocomplete, like Slack.
@bentossell Macmoji guy here. This is a much better, more involved implementation than my barebones stopgap of a solution! Can't wait to see this evolve. πŸš€
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@warpling @bentossell just tried it, works great! πŸš€
@_matthewpalmer The 'send feedback' doesn't work for me. Wanted to let you know that it would be great to disable it for regular smilies like :)
@jvdmeij ah, how strange. Good idea! I'll add this in a future version πŸ‘