Quitter for Mac

Automatically hide or quit apps after periods of inactivity

#2 Product of the DayMay 02, 2016
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Marco Arment just launched his first Mac app, Quitter. It allows you to hide or quit any Mac app after a selected period of inactivity. This could be a great way to extend battery life!
A Mac app and update to Overcast in the same day? Marco has been busy 😊
Brilliant! Loving it even before downloading the app. Très cool. And handy. And free. What's not to love?
@t55 I figured you'd like this 😌
@gabriel__lewis You guessed right :) I totally love these small simple apps that do one thing as right as it can be done.
Does it quit after 10 minutes of inactivity or just 10 minutes?
@jkent2910 ....'quits distracting apps after periods of inactivity', so 10 minutes of inactivity in your scenario.
@jkent2910 turns out 'periods of inactivity' is defined as 'not being actively used'. So your browser downloading the big file gets quited because its not the active app, though its not being inactive. Be careful out there ;-)
@t55 So I installed this yesterday and added Spotify as a test case, and even though I was listening to music, it shut it down.
Honest question, why make use of this in place of CMND + Q? @jkent2910 sharing that Spotify quit while playing is enough for me to turn away from this.