Product Hunt Daily Digest
March 11th, 2018

Jeff Bezos doesn’t want you to see this 👀
Jeff Bezos can't stop, won't stop. In the last 30 days, Amazon teamed up with Berkshire Hathaway to launch a healthcare company, acquired a home security company for over $1B, and is rumored to be building a bank.

They also figured out why Alexa was randomly laughing at people. Creeeeeeeepy. 👀

We have a secret: you can save up to 35% of every Amazon order using a little-known site called Purse, if you pay in bitcoin.

Purse finds people who want to trade their Amazon gift cards for bitcoin, so everybody wins in the end. They integrate directly with Coinbase too, so you can buy and spend seamlessly.

If you're looking for easier ways to shop on Amazon:
  • 🤖 Earny gives you money back on purchases when prices drop
  • 💳 Amazon Prime Rewards Card gives you 5% cash back
  • 🐪 Camel alerts you in advance when a product's price drops
  • 👀 WikiBuy finds you lower prices from across the internet and displays them directly in Amazon
  • 😀 Smile Always redirects all purchases through Smile.Amazon so you're always donating to charity
35% off Amazon 🛍️
Serial maker Pieter Levels just launched MAKE Book, an ebook that will teach you to bootstrap profitable startups the indie way 🚀