A bot that gets you money back when prices drop

#2 Product of the DayMay 06, 2016

Earny is a personal assistant that automatically gets you money back when prices drop Earny has automated the price protection benefit offered by the major credit card issuers and retailers.

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Peter PhamMaker@peterpham · Cofounder Science
Thanks for the hunt! This is one of the first companies we are incubating & launching this year at Science! (Dollar Shave Club, DogVacay, Wishbone are previous ones) After building & selling BillShrink to MasterCard years ago I finally found an amazing company that will keep doing what we started. @ovakrat @doriyona has built a bot that will let you just buy what you want, where ever you want online & never price shop again. Basically we all know the word "price protection" but we had to manually track it post purchase, & claim it filling out clunky forms or make phone calls. No more, Earny will keep digging for you & automatically get you the refund from over 50 Online stores & of course more coming! We also announced we raised $1M for this http://venturebeat.com/2016/05/0... thank you @adamnash @bonforte for joining the cause. This team is amazing.. They recently won the Mastercard hackathon & will be working with them closely http://newsroom.mastercard.com/2...
Oded VakratMaker@ovakrat · CEO at Earny
DoriMaker@doriyona · COO at Earny
Thanks @peterpham
Hadi Farnoud@hadifarnoud
@peterpham you could have kept this shorter.
Lee Fuhr@cozysd · Founder & Creative Director, Cozy
@hadifarnoud @peterpham Paragraph breaks are magic.
Ryan Mickle@ryanm · YC alum, Products, Silicon Valley HBO S3
What's with the abysmal reviews in the App Store? 9 x 2.5 stars?
Ouriel OhayonHunter@ourielohayon · CodenameDjango, CEO/ isai (VC)
i tried it after i tried @paribus and it s a winner. strongly recommend. already saved me 20$ in no time!
Jaime Macias@jmacias · Product @boost.
@ourielohayon I wonder if this plays nice with @paribus if both are running?
Ouriel OhayonHunter@ourielohayon · CodenameDjango, CEO/ isai (VC)
@jmacias @paribus A retailed can refund you only once. so first arrive first serve. in my experience Paribus has become unreliable in detecting and refunding price differences on Amazon.
Oded VakratMaker@ovakrat · CEO at Earny
@ourielohayon Thanks for the support & Happy Earning!
DoriMaker@doriyona · COO at Earny
@ourielohayon Thanks for the hunt and happy you are enjoying @AppEarny!
Ram Srinivasan@ram_srinivasan
@ourielohayon @jmacias True. Also, @paribus cannot track purchases when you have 2FA enabled on Amazon.
Oded VakratMaker@ovakrat · CEO at Earny
Hi All! Founders of @AppEarny are here! Imagine you can use technology to automate your friend's greatest strengths and then share that with the world! That's what we did. Meet @DoriYona - my best friend and co-founder. He has a unique skill of finding the best prices, the best deals and knows by heart the fine prints of every company and credit card in the world. The one time I ever found a better price than him, was when I bought a blazer from Zara - he contacted Visa and was able to get $65 back 2 months after his purchase! We asked our CTO @I_Zerbib to build a bot that automates it - Meet Earny: Earny is a personal assistant that automatically gets you money back on almost every purchase you make. Every item you purchase, Earny will work behind the scenes searching for better prices at other stores and for price drops after your initial purchase - so you will get back the difference. Earny is automating the price protection policy in order to get you money back on almost all commerce purchases. Our broader vision, and that's what I would like to bring up here is: We want Earny to provide an umbrella of services to give consumers the best price on every payment they make. I would like hear the community's thoughts and to get your feedback around new ways of improving our reach. Most importantly, more services that can join us and help us create the Friendliest Bot Ever (FBE)! One that makes you money and always watches your back! Happy Earning!
Eyal Termechi@termechi · CTO, Tattify
@ovakrat @appearny Oded Kol Hakavod looks very nice
Oded VakratMaker@ovakrat · CEO at Earny
@termechi Thanks a lot :)
Eyal Termechi@termechi · CTO, Tattify
@ovakrat you guys LA based ? if yes let's have a coffee together
Oded VakratMaker@ovakrat · CEO at Earny
@termechi Yes! Let's do it, we are based in Santa Monica.
DoriMaker@doriyona · COO at Earny
Hi @ProductHunt followers - I'm happy to answer any credit card/price matching/best deals questions you may have! Attack me with questions!
Levi Bostian@levibostian · Indie Android & iOS developer.
I was not expecting Homer Simpson to be my personal assistant but I guess he does a good job. I was originally skeptical of the app thinking "how does this work", "does it really work or is it a scam?" but after seeing some really good reviews, I decided to give it a try. Honestly, it is an intimidating app for me. I have to give over my Google account, Amazon account, Credit Card, and give you full access to all of them. I got to the final step of Credit Card and I exited the app. I trust the technology but I am going to need a little more convincing of trust as it makes me afraid to get my Google account, Amazon account, or my Credit Card locked down for suspicious activity. Cool idea! Would love to use it! Keep building!
Oded VakratMaker@ovakrat · CEO at Earny
@levibostian - Yes, Earny is doing a great job! Your first refund is free so even if you skipped the CC stage - you will still get the first refund. Also, since you downloaded via ProductHunt you will get 2 months of free refunds. Any particular comment on our UI?
Yaniv E@nycortex · CTO/Founder pipsrewards.com
@ovakrat @levibostian Thanks checking it out. I downloaded via producthunt. I don't see where it mentions 2 free months. Should it say that someplace?
DoriMaker@doriyona · COO at Earny
@nycortex @levibostian If you downloaded it via Product Hunt you are covered!
Levi Bostian@levibostian · Indie Android & iOS developer.
@ovakrat My comments on the UI were to help emphasize that this platform is safe, not hacky, will not get my Google/Amazon accounts or credit card blacklisted/banned/blocked. Those sort of things. The app has a nice onboarding process but for some users (me included) I need a little taste of that trust in the onboarding for me to be able to hand that information over to you. I am a believer in short as possible onboarding. Simple and clean interface. There is still a way to do this while still giving me the feeling that I am in good hands. Thoughts?
Oded VakratMaker@ovakrat · CEO at Earny
@levibostian Your comments are aligned with our product vision and considerations. How would you improve the UI in order to emphasize more safety and security? Thanks for the comments.
Neil Satra@neilsatra1
@paribus only seems to work on US websites of stores (eg Amazon). Does this work globally yet, or will that support be coming later?
DoriMaker@doriyona · COO at Earny
@neilsatra We are nailing down the US first before expanding to other markets.