Camel Camel Camel

Price tracker/alerter for Amazon, Best Buy & Newgg

Camel Camel Camel is a price tracker that makes sure you're getting the best deals! You do not even need to make a registration to track your desirable products' prices, you can do that if you want to get alerts. And if you have created a Wishlist in your Amazon account, it watched the price history of all the items that you have not purchased yet.

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There are a few creative Amazon price trackers. This one probably has the best name, but check out Waatcher, a tool that will automatically buy products once they hit your target price.
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@rrhoover Thank you for sharing !
There have been a few other price trackers posted recently. They also have and too.
@mark__a @justinsoffer would never stop talking about this app!
@daveambrose it is truly fascinating to watch Amazon's price changes, er volatility, over time.
@mark__a take a look at Hukkster as well (
Doesn't accept a VPN connection, meh.