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Hi Product Hunt. While you shop, Wikibuy looks for lower prices from other sellers and makes it safe and easy to buy from them. You pay Wikibuy, Wikibuy pays the seller and guarantees the purchase. Your item will be new and delivered on time or a human at Wikibuy will step in and make it right. Wikibuy calculates the total price including tax and shipping - and searches for and applies coupon codes. It also verifies that your item is in stock and available in the size and color you selected. It does in 10 seconds what would take a human 20 minutes. The result is a real offer you can buy with a couple of clicks - knowing that Wikibuy will place the order, track it, and make sure it's delivered as promised. Wikibuy is currently only available as a Chrome extension and only works in the US. Thanks for your support, and please let us know what we can do to make Wikibuy better. Thanks, Jonathan and the Wikibuy Team
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I've been using Wikibuy for the last few months - mostly on Amazon. I've been pleasantly surprised more than a dozen times to see Wikibuy notify me that it had found lower prices elsewhere on the internet. It factors in shipping and any coupons that might be available. Just install the Chrome extension, create an account, and let it do it's thing. Really cool, unobtrusive tech, one of my must haves along with @ParibusCo and @hellodigit.
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Amazon doesn't have lower prices 90% of the time, thanks for saving me a ton of time and cash Wikibuy.
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I've been using it for a long while as a beta (or alpha?) user. Saved a few bucks so I'm net positive in both dollars and satisfaction. Really like that they map to your existing shopping process (IE, they watch your shopping cart) so there's no additional effort required on your part until it finds a deal.
Wikibuy is now 10x faster. The attached product image is self explanatory. Browse Amazon and it will tell you if that product can be found cheaper elsewhere