Amazon Prime Rewards Card

Get 5% cashback on all Amazon purchases ๐Ÿ’ณ

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Ryan Hooverย โ€” Founder, Product Hunt
Just saw this on Yahoo Finance. Considering most of my online shopping is on Amazon, 5% is a pretty slick deal.

This is also another example of Amazon moving further across and up the commerce funnel.
Jim Carter IIIย โ€” Cause Hacker
@rrhoover it's a great card, I've had it for about a year at 3% and now 5% is a huge win. Earnings post to your Amazon account seamlessly and you can apply them at checkout like a payment method.
Wojtek Witkowskiย โ€” Rayfeed
@noinput That's sounds great!
@noinput @rrhoover Is there a monthly cap on what you can make back?
Nate Hurwitzย โ€” Supply Chain Student, Cyclist
@noinput @elilaipson Looks like there are no caps on any category.
Jim Carter IIIย โ€” Cause Hacker
@elilaipson @rrhoover not one I could find.
Jack Smithย โ€” Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
@rrhoover "This is also another example of Amazon moving further across and up the commerce funnel." - I don't really think it is. I've had an Amazon store card, which has given 5% cashback for over a year now. This is a card offered by Chase and they've just increased the cashback from 3% to 5%, nothing's really changed otherwise.
Chris Kalimaย โ€” Product Development, Planet OS
I'm curious if the 5% back also applies to AWS bills? In the offer details it says "buying products and services with your card, in most cases, will count as a purchase." If so, this would be a nice way to save 5% on monthly infrastructure costs.
Hametoย โ€” Founder, Drop In
@ckalima that would be amazing!
@ckalima no, it's only for the Amazon store
Jeff Uthaichaiย โ€” Engineer, Maple
@ckalima I've had the card for years now, and my $0.55 monthly AWS bills (not a big personal AWS user) have gotten the 3x treatment. It's probably safe to assume it'll start getting 5x now.
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