Product Hunt Daily Digest
February 22nd, 2018

Don't get hacked!
As more of our life moves to the cloud, digital security becomes increasingly important. We asked the Product Hunt community which tools they use to internet safely. Here are some of the most recommended products:

🔐 1Password is better than storing your passwords on a post-it note. “I swapped my low-tech spreadsheet for 1Password and OMG I have not looked back.” — Kate

😱 Have I Been Pwned? will inform you if one of your accounts was compromised. “Great service to keep tabs on vulnerabilities that may impact you.” — Hayden

💬 Signal is a chat app with end-to-end encryption to prevent snoops from spying on your messages. “It's widely considered the safest messaging service.” — Lachlan

🔍 Marshal scans Dropbox, Google Drive, and other cloud storage services to identify and remove sensitive information such as social security numbers and credit card numbers. “It is a great addition to my productivity app list and I have been using a beta...” — Om Malik

💳 is the Snapchat of credit cards, generating a new (potentially ephemeral) credit card for every transaction. “Super awesome idea in this era of security breaches.” — Carla

🐻 Tunnel Bear offers VPN software to browse the web securely. Most importantly, it has an adorable mascot. “Amazing interface, incredible support team PLUS they're passionate about improving privacy and security globally which is key.” — Emily

What's missing? Share your favorites and explore 20+ other tools that might save your butt. 😅
More Security Tools

Airbnb launched their “hotel killer”, as covered in yesterday’s Sip story (PLUG: download our new app to give it a look 😊).

It promises only the best homes and hosts known for making your experience truly great. Treat yo' self.

Here's also a Chrome extension that fixes Airbnb prices on their site so you actually know how much each rental costs. 👀