Quickly scan your cloud for exposed sensitive data

Marshal is a new online privacy tool that provides you with peace of mind by finding and alerting you to sensitive data – such as social security or credit card numbers – in your cloud services.

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I'm curious and also slightly concerned about a product that asks for access to all of your files on digital storage to then run a scan using your personal information. They make a temporary copy of your files and you have to trust they are successfully deleted. I think the idea at it's core is strong but requires a high level of trust.
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@dpcleitao nailed it
@dpcleitao We hear you. We're very aware of the trust required in handing your credentials over to yet another third party — and we're going to work incredibly hard to earn that trust. I can assure you that your files are indeed deleted immediately after we have scanned them. We have some pretty cool ideas on how we can scan files without them ever hitting a disk (while keeping Marshal performant). We've engineered the product to allow us to move in that direction. Our hope is that automatic deletion is a decent enough compromise for most people during the beta. Appreciate the feedback! If you have any additional concerns or suggestions, we would love to hear them.
It is a great addition to my productivity app list and I have been using a beta and really love for keeping the online storage services clean and safe.
@om Happy to hear it and thanks for hunting us! If there are any other services you wish we could scan and/or any other types of information you wish we could find, let us know.
Smart. There's a ton of sensitive data in email and other services we use every day. Anyone know if it scans attachments as well? E.g. I'm sure I have attached pdf's with my social security somewhere in my gmail archive.
@rrhoover Thanks, we thought so too! We picked file sharing services for the beta — currently, Marshal scans Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Onehub. We're definitely considering other services though and have heard Gmail several times already. Thanks for the feedback!

I'm not sure it got stuck or not because the progress bar looks like it grew a little tiny tinty bit and keep saying 1%


The login-access-working is pretty easy and smooth


It takes forever

I tried to run a scan, but it never completed, and I never got an email. Now I just feel stupid and paranoid that it grabbed a bunch of my data ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@kaigradert Apologies for the poor experience! In the event of unexpected behavior, we err on the side of automatically deleting any enqueued data on our end. So please don't feel paranoid — any sensitive information we were able to retrieve was redacted; anything else was either never indexed or was automatically deleted immediately. Due to the overwhelming response to the beta, we had some performance issues yesterday which prompted some improvements to our infrastructure last night. I'm hoping your scan eventually completed, just much slower than we intend moving forward. In either case, we would love the opportunity to learn from and improve from your experience. If you're willing to try again, please do and hit us up at if you hit any snags. Cheers!