Airbnb Plus offers a new selection of only the highest quality homes with hosts known for great reviews and attention to detail.

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I haven't used Airbnb much, but man, their photo/video team really knows how to make a customer want to give them money.
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Watch the live stream announcement:
@chrismessina Really not sure if I'm watching an Airbnb talk or an Apple conference 🤔
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@chrismessina @amrith that was my very first thought 😄
Airbnb Plus looks to be the Uber Black of home sharing.
@chrismessina It depends on the aspect of comparison. Black wasn't price accessible to everyone, but Black let customers have specific expectations that were consistently met. Plus sounds to be the latter, not necessarily the former.
As someone who uses Airbnb for most of my business trips, this will save me a good amount of time making sure I have somewhere that includes essentials like a hair dryer, shampoo, wifi, and a decent desk to get work done. In my experience, almost all listings have this anyway, but I'll pay a small premium to save time verifying that in advance. Not sure I'll pay double the average listing price though..
Makes a lot of sense if you are looking for exceptional experience and have a good budget (an average price per night would be about twice compared to a standard listing). I personally spend a lot of time looking for a great apartment on Airbnb, reading all the reviews and checking the smallest details. Now it will be faster and easier. Also, the new home categories like unique homes look amazing, now I can easily find a tree house or igloo for my next trip. 😀