is an innovative way to protect your personal information over the internet. Are you feeling uncomfortable using your credit card online? has the perfect solution - it creates a virtual card that masks your bank statements for your online payments.

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Only available in the US at the moment but I really want to try it 😭
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@bentossell Looks very useful. Doesn't your bank offer a similar service? That's something pretty "standard" in France. Without the browser extension of course..
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@bentossell entropay is a pretty similar alternative that works worldwide!
@gregoiregilbert @bentossell not here in the US - this is pretty much an unheard of concept
@j_nce @gregoiregilbert @bentossell Citi does offer cards where you can generate tons of virtual cards
.@bentossell Me too. Please make it available in Germany! This is so cool!
Hi all - co-founder here. I’m super excited to announce that we’re live in the US, after being basically heads-down for the past 20 months. We’ve been neck-deep on the card issuing side of payments (BIN sponsorship, ACH, processing, AML / KYC), so happy to field any questions on that front. Give it a try - we'd love to hear your feedback. Thank you! P.S. Your first $5 donation to is on us :)!
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@bolingj this looks great. congrats. when can we expect to see this service hitting the UK?
@mrandydavis It's in our long term roadmap, but unfortunately no firm timeframe yet :(.
@bolingj When will you be available in Europe? Will you be SEPA compatible?
@bolingj Congrats on this. I have been waiting on something like this ever since Paypal shutdown their version of it. I plan to sign up shortly and give it a shot. I hope you guys solved the 1 issue that I have had with the paypal one in ages past is that some sites would see the card as not real or invalid or non-existent. Hopefully you guys got that kink worked out. P.S. Just finished signing up, I love that your Chase linking happened instantly. The second I hit next, it already had my 2 accounts ready to choose from. Superbly done. I assume you guys are using Plaid? as Yodlee is vastly slower in that department (used to work in a Fintech startup)
@daegalus Thank you! We are using Plaid. They are the best :).
That's the kind of products that make you smile 5 seconds after landing in the homepage. Few words, 1 illustration and boom: you feel a pain going away. Great job Boling.
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@kachchani Thank you!
@kachchani I concur. The entire onboarding process from sign up through linking a bank account to paying on Watsi is absolutely beautiful. is perfect for free trials. No more setting a calendar reminder to cancel your account.

Just create a burner card with a $1 limit, and the whole cancellation process will work itself out. 😬


Prevents your credit card from being stolen. Perfect for free trials.


Can't be used for in-store transactions like

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Great execution. Just curious though, is there way to track the transaction to the original credit card or is it some sort o encrypted? And BTW, that's a great domain you have. How did you get it? 🙈
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@ldesserrey not answered for 2 years, nice