Ever get sick of Airbnb showing you the nightly price of a listing and not including the fees in that nightly price? It's misleading. This extension fixes that and will protect you from being fooled into paying more per night of your Airbnb stay than you had originally planned. It will show you the all-in price per night.

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This is a great product and honestly I always felt Airbnb is the worst product with respect to showing prices of places. They have so many hidden fees and dont let you sort based on price. For the Design BS they keep saying - this is just a great example of when customers in not at heart of conversation.
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I never understood why Airbnb didn't give you the option to see the price including the fee...so great idea here!
@benmlevy They probably tested that and realized it didn't convert as well... and not enough people complained about it. Product management 101 sadly.
@zsr5 Oh for sure, then their rates look more in line with other options. Just found it interesting that ticket businesses (like SeatGeek) gives users both options
@zsr5 @benmlevy Love SeatGeek, both that feature and in general! It's great product, both on the buy and sell side.
@benmlevy @zsr5 I'd say that's growth hacking 101. Product Management 101 would cover user experience, and as an AirBNB user, I hate this experience.
Cool extension. FWIW they A/B test very frequently, and I have been in test groups where the fee (service & cleaning) is included wherever the price is shown, and is divided across the number of days of your stay so the nightly rate reflects grand total divided by number of nights. Sometimes I'll run searches in incognito logged out and see a totally different search experience. A tactic that used to be more popular but seems to be less so now is hosts charging a super low rate and then an absurdly high cleaning fee, thinking they were gaming the ranking placement. Kind of like on eBay having a low buy it now price with a crazy high S&H fee. I know you can't sort search results by price, but I don't think Airbnb has ever not factored the cleaning fee into the ranking placement of the listing.
Hell yeah! You're the best :)
Say whaaaaa! I’m going to try this next time I’m on Airbnb! ✈️🙏🏻😍