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Robot Music Videos
Syqel launched over the weekend to bring your music to life visually. Simply open your browser to Syqel and start playing music (or sing into your mic). The results can be hypnotic.

The community’s sentiment was overall positive:

“This is going to make DJ streams so much better” - David

“We're about to have a virtual happy hour next week and this is exactly what we need!" - Jun

“I just streamed this to my TV - the 4K visuals really stand out” - Ramero

We’ve seen a number of creative, music products launch on Product Hunt over the years:

Thundr syncs your Spotify music to LIFX LED Wi-Fi lights. The lights change color to the beat of the music.

Cmd fm is radio for geeks, controlled via a command line interface

Graphic Foundry iis similar to Syqel but built for artists to be shared on YouTube.

Song Reader makes it easy to create short music visuals to share on social media.

Cyanite visualizes the emotions in music using AI so you can choose a playlist to match your mood.

Lalal AI splits any song into vocal and instrumental tracks.

JazzKeys is a writing tool that turns your words into jazz music (we know... weird).
Make a Robot Music Video
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