Use AI to split any song into vocal and instrumental tracks delivers the next generation audio splitting service with the help of neural network. The vocal and the instrumental track extraction faster than ever before and without quality loss.
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I like it, such fun for music fans!
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@kruglovse ahaha great example!
The quality is good! And It's fun!
tried some of my favorite songs in a variety of genres and complexities, all in flac format and the results weren't as good as the samples. I admit that some of the songs were way too complex (e.g. Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space by Spiritualized), but I guess the way the product is presented raised my expectations too high than it should, at least at this stage. Neverthless, I upvoted as I do appreciate the effort behind such a product.
@burakg thanks for trying, Burak! Of course there is a room for improvement, we are at the start only, but it's true that quality of splitting can vary depending on the song.
Cool tool. Will follow the project.
@mitiaorlow Thanks for feedback!
Great medium write-up. Will check this out today. 👏👏
@itsbrex Thanks! Hope you will enjoy it!