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Graphic Foundry features modern Adobe After Effects audio reactive music visualizers to help you promote your music on YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and Facebook. Choose the design that represents you, and easily customize to your brand.

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Hey folks, It's David here, the developer behind Graphic Foundry. To give you a little background on myself, I'm a maker who loves building businesses, WordPress plugins and themes, and writing music. I've been launching businesses since around 2010, and most people know me best as the guy behind the popular soundware brand Freshly Squeezed Samples. Deep down, I've always been a bit of a "tool maker" and wanted to build a site where independent artists could find the right promotional assets to help them market themselves online without having a huge budget or being controlled by a label. Since the world is moving more and more towards video marketing and YouTube is pretty much where everyone listens (or discovers) new music, it made sense to focus on providing quality visual content that can be easily moulded to your brand, and thus Graphic Foundry was founded! Over the course of two years i worked with a close friend and developed over 80+ professional audio reactive Adobe After Effects templates that can be used to showcase single tracks, full mixes and even podcast episodes. Each template was carefully designed to allow a full range of customisation, and each one includes lots of colour and configuration presets to get you started finding the right 'look' for your videos. To use our templates you will need Adobe After Effects and some third-party plugins (though some can be used without any), but we will soon be offering an affordable fulfilment service where you can submit your track (or tracks) and we will render and send the video back to you, ready to upload to the platform of your choice. We will also offer subscription packages for labels needing videos on a more frequent basis. Anyway, I've been an avid Product Hunt lurker for some time now and it feels great to finally have something up on the site! We hope you like the Graphic Foundry site (and product) and please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!
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@davidsherlockio Hey David -- very cool templates. I'd be interested in collabing with a couple of my projects: LabelGrid and I figure we could pitch your forthcoming fulfillment service as an add-on for our label managers.
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@shoeboxdnb Hey Michael, thanks for the kind words! We are going to be introducing fulfilment services either today or tomorrow, and also an affiliate program, which will come later in the week for referrals. I like your idea, however, please drop me a message via the website contact form and we can talk the specifics!
@davidsherlockio VERY NICE templates! Do these respond to system audio in real time.? I have podcast clients that I want to offer these to, but I'm not sure how to do it. They each have a newsletter type web-page where their podcast feed is embedded. I'd like to embed a template for visual interest.
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@davidsherlockio @james_medley Good question! The templates have to be rendered using Adobe After Effects, and the audio reactive graphics respond to the dynamics of the music (audio track) that is imported into the project (not real time). The templates are made to work well for anything from a single song to a podcast episode or full mix (up to two hours total). If you don't have After Effects yourself, we offer an on-demand fulfillment service where we render the video for you :) You're more than welcome to contact us via the contact form on our website if you want to discuss a custom project!
I wish I could get these in iTunes...
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@chrisvxd I have always had this vision of a real time audio visualizer that just floats above all of my windows all the time. Just a small sphere in the top corner that isn't too distracting. I still can't really figure out just how much development time would be needed to make something like that work
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@stephensilber we are definitely planning dynamic (real-time) visuals in the future!
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@davidsherlockio Amazing!! How can I sign up for updates on that?