Product Hunt Daily Digest
June 16th, 2020

Projects supporting BLM 🖤
Makers have been busy creating incredible things to support the BLM movement. Here’s a recap on what we’ve seen so far on Product Hunt these past few weeks:
  • Dose created a safe community to amplify Black voices and educate through storytelling
  • EatOkra is an app to find and order from Black owned restaurants
  • BLM Badge is a customizable badge you can add to your website to collect donations for BLM
  • Hustle Crew Membership has workshops, resources and case studies on how to be an ally and support Black people
  • The Black Owned Businesses is a curated list of Black owned businesses in multiple industries
  • Crystal is like a RateMyProfessor for police officers and departments to increase transparency and community involvement
And ICYMI, here's a thread celebrating the Black makers in our community. 🖤
Black Owned Businesses
Today Josh Constine, former TechCrunch Editor-At-Large turned investor at SignalFire, is sharing his stack.

This includes a few apps that helped him lose 20 lbs this year, a portable party speaker for DJ parades, and his favorite "adult chocolate milk".

See Josh's stack.
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