RateMyProfessor for police officers & departments

Crystal is a community curated database of individual police officer interactions and police department culture. It is an open-source application backed by over 5000 submitted records.
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Hi ProductHunt, Debo here - co-founder of Gigster and one of the makers. Like most, I was incredibly shaken up by the 9 minutes of horror that led to George Floyd’s death. None of the rest of my identity mattered. I saw myself perfectly reflected in him. I could very well be killed with a knee to the neck. I have not physically been able to get myself to simply tweet and move on with life. I’m compelled to think about what a collection of builders could have done to help prevent George’s death. Technology is no silver bullet but we have already solved the problem of understanding reputation without delegating our trust to third parties in many existing apps. We can crowdsource reputation and know that someone is a likely killer, make it public and hold them accountable before they kill someone. We can do this *now* without permission. I am a builder. This is my form of protest. I am thankful for the organic community of ~100 people who share these beliefs and have come together over just a few days. The group believes in the power of engaging usable products as a tool for driving collective law enforcement. A small group of builders from this collective worked on getting this very simple prototype of Crystal out over the past couple of days. Learn more about the values of the community and other projects here and join us . The vision of this specific app is to power community driven law enforcement. We can get transparency, accountability and a healthy police-community relationship without begging for it. In the future, we would like to allow individuals to record all positive and negative interactions with police and have the app mediate other kinds of interactions with law enforcement. There’s quite a lot to do, and so we would love contributors to this and other projects being worked on by the collective. For sure we even need to make the app look better on mobile :) Here are some other cool enhancements we want to add to Crystal: - Mechanisms for communication, collaboration, and cooperation to allow interactions between police and the community - A live feed of user-generated media showing encounters with the police - Automated accountability procedures and reporting to support communities in documenting their interactions with law enforcement You can sign up to contribute on slack, check out the GitHub project or provide some feedback on what else you'd like to see. Thank you! Much Love.
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It was such a pleasure coming together to work on this with many driven and talented people. We were super scrappy and wanted to get the MVP out so we could get some feedback (Like making the app more responsive and mobile friendly ☺️). We would love more contributors so we can continue to build and iterate on this. ☮️❤️
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@sefunmioshy This is fantastic! I'm excited to see where this goes - it's time to police the police!
Actions over words - love this Debo. Can see Crystal being the bedrock for a new era of accountability
It's been satisfying (and enraging) to work on researching content for this. Amazing team, horrible data. I'm looking forward to interactive features in the future to help users channel their emotions into action.
Love it @levandreessen ! So excited for this to get into hands across the country.