BLM Badge

A customizable website badge to show your support. ✊🏽✊🏿✊🏼

A customisable website badge to show your support.
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Hey we wanted to show a donation link on our website for BLM..and then thought this widget can be useful for others too. You can customise the donation link, title and description to make it fit your needs. The code is free for anyone to grab and reuse
@graeme_fulton beautiful thanks for creating
@graeme_fulton where exactly are the funds sent?
@cellus_christie it's customisable - the person installing the code to their site chooses where the link goes
Thanks for sharing this, just added to my site! If anyone's adding this to a site with Bootstrap 3, you might see the text appear smaller than expected (because the badge uses .rem). I worked around this by adding a global font-size to my css: html { font-size: 16px; }
@theotherelliott great! If there's more people with the issue I could change it to px sizes, but this is a good fix!
I recommend using a free CDN like to improve performance and lower AWS costs
@jimaek thanks for suggesting! feel free to grab the code and host it there - I don't really want to update anyhting now cos people are already using the aws link
?makers are we able to add an image ALT text for the badge icon? ADA compliance tool says Image elements do not have [alt] attributes: img.maker-badge__btn-img -Thanks for a great widget!
@engin_beri thanks for this important suggestion! I’ll add that for you
@engin_beri added this now. The default alt text is "Black Lives Matter Badge" - you can customise the alt text by using the new imageAlt setting in the options: imageAlt: "Black Lives Matter Badge" added to the readme here: - you may have to refresh and clear your cache to pick up that update!
@graeme_fulton You rock! Thanks!!
@itsbrex yeah this is the link I put in by default, but it can be customised so it can be different for each person too