Amplify the black experience. Drive racial equity.

Dose is a safe space for people to share lived experiences of racial injustice and amplify the Black experience. Share your unique perspective on racial injustice to help others see the world through your lens, and learn through others’ shared perspectives.
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Hey Everyone! Thanks to @mubashariqbal for hunting us. We’re so excited to be launching on Product Hunt! Last Wednesday, @john_b_johnson called us all up, said he was building something to pursue racial equity in America and asked if we wanted to be a part of it. He cancelled all client work for the next few days and rallied a team of creatives to get started on building Dose. Dose is a platform to amplify the Black experience through sharing your unique experiences of racial injustice and learning from others’ shared perspectives. Our MVP includes: - Sharing Framework built by Dr. Julia Garcia with over 30 prompts - A feed of shared perspectives on what it’s like to be Black in America We’re constantly updating and improving the product, all feedback is welcomed and wanted! The entire platform was built with no-code in Webflow. Upcoming features include: - Categories - Sorting and searching by prompt - A Glossary Page - Additional resources to take action and continue learning - And so much more…
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This is such a great idea. I took a Dose already and I was blown away by the raw emotion I felt.
Thanks @kevin_curry3! That's amazing to hear ❤️
@makischuk love this! A much needed platform.
@swiley Thank you!
Cool concept, well executed @makischuk
@michael_hood Really appreciate it. Thanks man!
Excellent. Thank you for building this.
@markusmcgee123 Our pleasure Mark. Thanks for the kind words!