Product Hunt Daily Digest
June 11th, 2020

Canva takes on Adobe
Yesterday Canva launched their desktop app on Product Hunt. This appears to be a growth play, aimed to compete with Adobe for your desktop dock. It’s clear that Canva wants to be everywhere. Back in December, the company launched a mobile app as well.

Canva has some competition, too. Over, recently acquired by GoDaddy, launched a web beta for their graphic design tool. Known for their mobile app, they had more than 1 million active users creating designs as of January this year according to data they provided to TechCrunch.

And it turns out there have been a few other acquisitions in the consumer design space lately. Unfold was acquired by Squarespace this past October.

There are lots of other tools to amp up your Instagram design too:

InShot adds music, animated sticker effects and voice-overs

Facetune has an alt use as a photo background editor and blur tool

Mojo turns your photos into dynamic videos

The consumer design space is getting interesting. Who will be acquired next? 🤔

One more thing, totally off topic. Yesterday we asked what your best WFH tip was and the resounding answer was...

“Not working in the afternoon to enjoy some outdoor/park time...then working a couple hours later that evening to make up for it.” - Daniel

We can get on board with that. 😎
Canva desktop
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