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Create stunning video stories

#2 Product of the DayNovember 08, 2018

Mojo (YC W18) is a quick and easy way to create awesome videos for your Stories.

  • Maxime Poli
    Maxime PoliCEO Wateroom

    Top app


    No con

    Useful & beautifu.

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  • yassir
    yassirCX/UX Engineering Manager

    Very cool, useful and simple


    none yet

    limited exposure verdict: big potential

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Jean Patry
Jean PatryMaker@jean_patry · maker mojo iOS - ex GoPro
Hello 👋 We are @francescu and Jean, the makers of mojo. We are passioned about motion design, especially when non-designers can play with it. Previously, we made Legend and Arrow iOS, and we worked for Quik by GoPro. mojo is an iOS app to create stunning video stories ✨ We think the stories format is currently the best way of conveying info while capturing attention on mobile. We believe people need tools to create engaging and differentiated content that fits their brand. We'd love to get feedback and answer questions from you! From Paris with ❤️ Francescu & Jean.
Shreyaa Ratra
Shreyaa Ratra@shreyaa_ratra · Making B2B sales easy via
@francescu @jean_patry Are you also reaching out to corporates who are very active on Instagram ?
Jean Patry
Jean PatryMaker@jean_patry · maker mojo iOS - ex GoPro
@francescu @shreyaa_ratra for now we're focused on making a great app, but we'd love companies to be able to us the product for their brand!
Adithya Shreshti
Adithya ShreshtiPro@adithya · Founder of Knowmad Life | Startuposphere
@francescu @jean_patry Wow! This is very cool and sleek! I wish their was way one-time purchase price for folks who are not willing to be tied to subscription apps on iOS. Awesome work by the team.
Zeinab Mohamdi
Zeinab Mohamdi@zeinabmohamdi
@francescu @jean_patry Just an awesome app😍 loved it so much. My question: will you launch it soon on Android?? Please do so😍❤️
Esat Dergi
Esat Dergi@esat_dergi · Project Manager @Sporx
This is awesome! We need a tool to capture a youtube video or cutting sound while we're adding backgrounds to mojo.
Raymond Kennedy
Raymond Kennedy@rayfk · Jotdown
This is awesome! Great work guys 👋
Leo Bassam
Leo Bassam@leobassam · Founder, CEO at
Ooooow yea!! Thank you so much! I have been trying to find something like this for my stories for ages!!!
Clément@clemkn · Co-founder, Nalyze
I'm an early user and I LOVE IT ! 💖