Notion for families - shared to dos, reminders, gratitude

All-in-one space to plan, remind, and complete tasks to make your lives at home easier and more fun together.
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Modern families are busier than ever, but there's no consumer-friendly Notion, Trello, JIRA that we can use to make our lives at home easier. Kin is an early prototype in progress, and our goal is to translate the essence of family workflows that we are already living through on a daily basis into a coherently unified family experience. We thought back to the OG Facebook days when we could write on each other's "Walls" and built in a suite of interactive elements to steer Kin towards a social productivity experience with a playful twist. Getting things done at home can be such an under-appreciated work, and with Kin, we are facilitating the expression of gratitude for each other by creating a Venmo-like feed of completed tasks. "Sharing and discussing to-do lists is a productive habit for partners. When we got married, my husband and I wrote out every household chore in a shared spreadsheet. When I finished a task, I would put a check next to it – and when my husband noticed it, he would send a simple thank you note (and vice versa)." - from Marie Kondo's blog Looking forward to hearing back from PH community!
This is so good! I've been looking something like this but explaining Notion was too hard to them. I myself wanted to create something like this, I was thinking more of a no code build. But this will make life easier. Thank you! Any plans for andriod? As most families have a different phone makers.
@yash Thank you for the kind note! Android is on the horizon!
Hi, this sounds great and I would love to give it a try but I can't see it on the Indian App Store. Is there a way to get an early access?
@sameersegal We have it available in the US now, but going broader at some point, so pleas stay tuned 🙏
@alexyoungkwon thanks I got it! Now I need an android version for two of my family members. Any ETA? Onboarding was great!
This looks amazing, I have been in love with Notion for a while now
@hmitrea Thanks for the kind note!
Looks cool - downloaded to try it out. Heads up that the name field in the onboarding requires more than 3 letters to move on. Found that confusing since my name is 3 letters long.
@concordio Will make sure to put it in our list of to dos!