Over Web βeta

The easy to use mobile design tool. Now in your Browser.

Welp! We were hoping to fly "under the radar" for a few more weeks but here goes. Over Web is in Public Beta! After 8 years as a mobile exclusive design app, we're building in the open and making everything in Over Web Free for everyone for 60 days. Try it!
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8 Reviews5.0/5
Looks to be a nice tool, competition for Canva? Free till June
What are the more features compared to Canva and Crello?
They're all great apps @faizal the best way to figure it out is to try them all out and decide which one works for your use case. It's an incredible time to be creative with all the tools we have at our disposal!
Do paid subscribers to the iOS app also have access to this web version, or is it a separate subscription?
Hey @evan_r this will be part of the same subscription. During the beta, new tools and features are being added all the time.